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About Us

About Us
About Us

Established in 1977, Singapore Machinery Company (SMC) is one of the world’s leading companies providing high-quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions to the apparel and textile manufacturing industry. In 1998, SMC designed and developed SmartMRT, listed among the best-selling unit production systems in the world. More than a decade later, this achievement remains our pride and joy as we collaborate with our suppliers and clients to continually churn out the latest top-quality manufacturing technology, training and after-sales support. Today, we have our head office in Singapore and our overseas branches in Malaysia and China so as to better serve our customers far and wide. As factories around the world are gearing towards lean production, we also serve as a one-stop shop selling the latest machinery, software, spare parts and accessories from the most reliable and established brands like Juki, Yamato, espriTech, FK Group, Optitex etc. to give you the best possible integrated solutions for your manufacturing needs.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To be a world-class corporation in manufacturing, providing the highest quality and cost-effective computerised unit production system to meet the requirements of customers.
  • To provide our customers the fullest of satisfaction in the equipments and services that we provide, which are backed up by constant software updates and hardware innovation through strategic research and development.
  • To build a strong and harmonious relationship with both our suppliers and customers.
  • To remain relevant and competitive through the constant updating and upgrading of our products, skills and services, so as to further establish our business on the global platform.
  • To create a professional and ethical working environment that meets the needs of all our employees.
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