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Fusing Press Machines
Double Pressure Straight Linear Fusing Press HP-1000LW

Double Pressure Straight Linear Fusing Press HP-1000LW


  • Double pressure system assures higher pressure efficiency
  • Pressure rollers can be controlled and adjusted separately according to fabric types
  • Heater parts can be adjusted separately and arranged depending on type of fusing
  • Tension rollers located at the back mean fabrics or extra interlining never twine around the rollers, hence preventing damage to rollers
  • Belt warping prevention device prevents extra tension
  • Standard seamless belt prolongs machine life
  • Cooling fan cools down the fused material immediately
  • Belts are durable and cleaned on both sides
  • Disposition of the heater can be customised to be flat for thick materials
  • Space between upper and lower rollers can be adjusted
  • Requires air compressor

Additional information

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 432.7 x 160.6 x 125.5 cm
Power Supply


Heater Rated Output (Heater)


Heater Rated Output (Motor)


Max. Temperature


Max. Pressure


Max. Belt Speed


Pressing Time

6.5-31 sec

Fusing Width


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